May 16, 2020

5 largest cruise ships in the world

MS Liberty of the Seas
MS Norwegian Escape
MS Quantum of the Seas
MS Allure of the Seas
Catherine Sturman
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MS Allure of the Seas
Tourism within the cruising industry has always been popular, providing a hassle free holiday for young families,providing entertainment and activities...

Tourism within the cruising industry has always been popular, providing a hassle free holiday for young families, providing entertainment and activities entertainment for young families and travellers alike whilst allowing passengers to travel the world.

As a result of increased demand within the cruising tourist industry, the market is now a competitive sphere. Developers are now creating exciting designs and builds within their constructions for passengers to enjoy.

We take a look at five of largest cruise ships in the world, featuring ground-breaking designs, leisure and adrenaline filled activities, raising the bar and attracting further revenue within the industry.

MS Harmony of the Seas

Constructed by STX France, the MS Harmony of the Seas has become the largest passenger ship in the world, with a length of 1,188.1 ft.

Owned by Royal Caribbean International, the construction was finalised in 2015 after 32 months and can hold over 5,000 guests, with a variety of accommodation choices on offer.

The ship has been constructed to contain a casino, several theatres, water activities with various slides and play areas for young children. A shopping mall, ice rink and rock climbing facility are also incorporated.

The ship also has the largest slide constructed at sea, the Ultimate Abyss, which has an inbuilt drop of 100ft.

MS Allure of the Seas

Winning the 2014 award for the best overall cruise ship at the Travel Weekly Reader’s Choice Awards, the MS Allure of the Seas, also under Royal Caribbean International was built at a cost of $1.2 billion.

Providing increased entertainment value, an outdoor movie screen has been placed next to a pool and bar area, in addition to an ice skating rink and first-class technology. 

A two deck dancing hall has been constructed for couples to enjoy, alongside a multitude of dining options to choose from.

MS Quantum of the Seas

Launched in 2014, the MS Quantum of the Seas is 1,139 ft long, with over 200 rooms and range on offer.

Featuring a rock climbing wall, skydiving simulator, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the cruise ship incorporates the first dodgems facility based at sea.

The cruise ship also features a lounge and ice bar, providing stunning panoramic ocean views, in addition to an indoor gym and music venue.

MS Norwegian Escape

With over 20 decks, the MS Norwegian Escape by the Norwegian Cruise Line is 1,069 ft and contains one of the largest water parks situated at sea. The cruise ship also contains an inbuilt sports complex, ideal for fitness fanatics who wish to continue with their fitness regimes whilst on holiday.

MS Liberty of the Seas

Perfect for young families, the MS Liberty of the Seas  has 18 decks, incorporating a surf simulator, basketball court, Broadway Shows and DreamWorks experience for young families. The cruise ship even contains an inbuilt wedding chapel for couples to utilise whilst they travel to their chosen destination.

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Jun 18, 2021

China’s Broad Group builds 10-storey apartment in 28 hours

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Broad Group, a private manufacturing enterprise located in China has constructed a 10-storey steel apartment in 28 hours

The China-based manufacturing enterprise Broad Group has managed to construct a 10-storey steel apartment building in just over a day. Constructed in the city of Changsha in China, the company used bolt-together modular units known as its “Living Building System”. 

A video time-lapse showing the build process. Video: Broad Group.


Broad Group, a manufacturing company based in Changsha, constructs a range of air-conditioning, heating, and prefabricated structural units. It accomplished the challenge in 28 hours and 45 minutes, enlisting help from three cranes and an on-site workforce. 

Broad Group’s “Living Building” system

Designed to be easy to transport and install, Broad Group’s “Living Building” system uses components that are able to fit into a standard shipping container, and then be bolted together when they reach the site. Ductwork and wiring are fitted directly by the factory, the company said. 

As part of the system, Broad Group’s B-Core steel slabs are used as structural elements which, the company claims are 10-times lighter and 100-times stronger than conventional slabs. The company also says they have the ability to resist earthquakes and typhoons, and that it costs less than a carbon steel building and has low energy consumption. 

Broad Group also says that buildings of up to 200 storeys, supertall towers, could be built using the same modules due to the B-Core steel slabs’ strength and lightness. 

Other Broad Group projects 

Broad Group has completed other significant projects in the past. In 2012, for instance, it attempted to build the tallest tower in the world in Changsha at 838m, which would have made it 10m taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The company claimed it could have made the building, named Sky City, in just eight months. However, due to not receiving approval, it was never built. 

In 2015, the company accomplished another “speed-build” challenge, constructing a 57-story tower using the “Living Building system”. It was completed in just 19 days. 


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