May 16, 2020

5 unique hotels around the world

Hotel Palacio de Sal
Jules Undersea Lodge
Catherine Sturman
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5 unique hotels around the world
Architects and designers are increasingly pushing the boundaries in new builds, at which hotels are an obvious choice for the construction of unique des...

Architects and designers are increasingly pushing the boundaries in new builds, at which hotels are an obvious choice for the construction of unique designs which will attract a multitude of visitors. We take a look at 5 unique hotels around the world which continue to astound guests that visit the region.

Hotel Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

Built in 1998, the salt hotel contains 30 rooms, all constructed with over a thousand salt blocks, which are highly reflective. The hotel is also built 3600 metres above sea level.

Popular with tourists who wish for peace and tranquillity, Wi-Fi is variable as a result of being run via satellite, but the hotel incorporates a sauna, whirl pools, bar area and many more attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Manta Resort – Zanzibar, Africa

Winner of this year's Africa Innovation Awards, Manta Resort within Zanzibar comprises of garden rooms and villas, alongside one underwater room.  

The hotel specialises in diving and safari experiences, so is popular with thrill seekers who want a unique experience.

Grand Canyon Caverns – Arizona

Situated on Route 66 in Arizona, the Grand Canyon Caverns provides a unique experience for visitors with its unique build and incorporation of its Cavern Motel Room, constructed 220 feet underground.

Close to the Grand Canyons, tours are provided for visitors to enter the caves, in addition to providing amenities for tourists on their travels.

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort – Finland

Situated close to one of the largest national parks within Finland, the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort is a also a place for tourists who wish to get away from it all and have a relaxing break.

The hotel provides an array of accommodation; however, the most famous being their glass igloos, popular for visitors who wish to see the northern lights, in addition to snow igloos, lodges and chalets.

The hotel is also popular for weddings and honeymoons due to its romantic setting.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge is popular with thrill seekers as the entire construction has been built underwater, and was originally built to protect local marine life.

Compressed air is situated within the construction, at which the lodge can be reached through scuba diving down to the entrance.

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May 13, 2021

Winvic tops out first hotel project in Milton Keynes

Dominic Ellis
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Winvic Construction has topped out its first hotel project, Hotel La Tour, in Milton Keynes

Winvic Construction has topped out its first hotel project, Hotel La Tour, at 50 metres in Milton Keynes.

A roof covering programme is now underway which will be followed by floor and ceiling curtain walling, and extensive glazing on the 13th floor, which will contain a sky bar, restaurant and public exhibition space.

Work on envelope and cladding will continue with the 30m high, LED-lit satin finish stainless steel circle on the eastern façade completing the external design. The ‘sun’ design will be visible up the city’s Midsomer Boulevard, which was created to align with the sun on the longest day of the year.

Winvic is currently fitting-out the 261 bedrooms, which has included the sailing and positioning of off-site fabricated bathroom pods. Fit-out of other facilities within the hotel will also continue, such as the 12,000 sq ft flexible conference floor that comprises adaptable meeting spaces and an external terrace that has been designed to be high load bearing. The project is expected to be handed over in July 2022.

Mark Jones, Winvic’s Head of Multi-room, said: “We started on site just two weeks after the first 2020 lockdown was announced and despite the unprecedented challenges, our team have hit milestone after milestone on, or ahead, of schedule. I’d like to say a huge thank you to them. Reaching the highest point of any multi-room project is always worth celebrating, but this is a bit more special as it’s Winvic’s first hotel," he said.

Winvic recently lifted eight railway bridge beams into place over the A5, 2km north of M1 J18. It is one of three bridges that Winvic is constructing for Prologis at DIRFT III in Northamptonshire, as part of a £29 million contract to deliver a new Intermodal Rail Freight Terminal.

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