May 16, 2020

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions presents its full range at ConExpo

ConExpo 2017
Groeneveld Group
Las Vegas Convention Center
Catherine Sturman
4 min
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions presents its full range at ConExpo
At the ConExpo 2017, Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions will showcase its entire product range featuring the best solutions for automatic lubrication, oil...

At the ConExpo 2017, Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions will showcase its entire product range featuring the best solutions for automatic lubrication, oil management and safety support systems developed for the construction and on-road industry.

The perfect lubrication solution for every application.

Uptime of the equipment is a crucial element in the construction and mining industry to maintain the often occurring 24/7 operation. That means that there is simply no time for proper daily manual maintenance. Therefore, automation of the lubrication process and oil management is a logical step, and one with a quick return on investment.

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions is one of the major global suppliers of automatic lubrication systems for both the after-market and for ex-factory assembly by leading OEMs. Ongoing commitment with providing unique products and excellent service for many decades reflect in a continuing growth in demand for Groeneveld autolube systems.

The Groeneveld booth will promote its entire product range - from the XS for smaller machines like mini- and midi-excavators and small wheel loaders, up to the unique Twin dual-line lubrication system for larger machines - all designed to reduce repair and maintenance costs, lower the grease consumption through optimum dosing and improving uptime and productivity of the equipment.

Twin heavy duty lubrication system

The range of lubrication systems is extremely extensive, with the Twin being the absolute top-of-the-range taking the center stage during the show. Featuring a dedicated presentation to discover and experience the unique dual-line concept. The Twin automatic lubrication system offers a superior solution for larger machines that often operate under extreme conditions. The system works under relatively low pressure, which retains the structure – and therefore the quality – of the grease. Furthermore, the dual-line system with its patented metering units ensures that all grease points are always optimally lubricated. This is made possible due to precise metering and lubrication intervals, even at low ambient temperatures and with large distances between the pump and lubrication points. This makes the system extremely suitable for larger machines such as large wheel loaders, dump trucks and excavators. For medium-sized machines, Groeneveld offers its Twin system with a pump capacity of 3 to 8 liters, while for larger machines an XL model is available with a capacity of 18 liters. For the largest machines with high grease consumption, a barrel pump is available for up to 200 liter drums.

New: Groeneveld introduces its progressive systems in North America

In addition to the Twin for larger machines and the compact XS Medium Duty system for smaller equipment with up to 19 lubrication points, Groeneveld also offers a whole range of pumps for progressive lubrication systems. One example is the TriPlus which can operate three separate lubrication circuits: a superb solution for example for backhoe loaders, enabling the different systems to be lubricated separately. Mobile cranes and cement mixers are other possible applications. Other new additions to the range include the EcoPlus – a small progressive pump with a 2-grease cartridge and a touch display – and the OnePlus New Generation. As with all refillable Groeneveld pumps, the OnePlus is also equipped with a follower plate, which ensures that the reservoir is always clean and the grease level is clearly visible. With the new OnePlus, the lubrication interval and metering are easily programmable via two rotary switches accessible from the outside. As the grease dosing is based on pump revolutions rather than on timing, the system ensures the right grease amount regardless ambient temperatures.

Oilmaster keeps growing in popularity

For many years, Groeneveld has been supplying the standard Oilmaster for combustion engines in buses, trucks, generator sets, and many other applications. Specifically, for earthmoving and construction equipment and for larger engines, Groeneveld developed the Heavy Duty Oilmaster, with a sturdy 15-liter aluminum reservoir. The Oilmaster ensures that there will always be sufficient oil in the engine. The greatest benefit of this is the increased operational reliability by reducing the risk of engine damage caused by a too low or too high oil level. In addition, the system prevents overfilling, which could lead to damage to the expensive exhaust gas after treatment system.

Reduce risks and enhance safety with Greensight

Another Groeneveld product that is being increasingly used in the field of earthmoving and construction equipment is Greensight, a safety support system that hugely boosts safety around the machine or vehicle. Greensight gives the driver or operator accurate and reliable information regarding the free space around the truck or machine. Ultrasound sensors scan an area of up to nine meters behind the machine or vehicle. This space is divided into three clearly distinguished zones, each with an individual visual and acoustic alarm. An alert unit is installed in the cabin that emits both auditory and light (LED) signals to warn the driver or operator. The system can also be extended with one or more Groeneveld CMOS cameras with a monitor in the cabin. 

For more details, visit Groeneveld at booth S65718 in South Hall 2 during ConExpo, March 7-11 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA.

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Jul 29, 2021

Environment Agency clamps down on plastic films and wraps

Dominic Ellis
3 min
Environment Agency aware of plastic film and wrap from the construction and demolition sector being illegally exported

Businesses in the waste and construction industries must ensure they deal with waste plastic properly to stop illegal exports, the Environment Agency (EA) has warned. 

The warning comes as the Agency is increasingly aware of plastic film and wrap from the construction and demolition sector being illegally exported. 

Exports are frequently being classified as ‘green list’ waste of low risk to the environment, but are often contaminated with materials such as mud, sand, bricks and woodposing a risk to the environment and human health overseas, and undermining legitimate businesses in the UK seeking to recover such waste properly.

During the last year, the EA has intercepted shipments to prevent the illegal export of this material on numerous occasions. The Agency inspected 1,889 containers at English ports and stopped 463 being illegally exported. This, combined with regulatory intervention upstream at sites, prevented the illegal export of nearly 23,000 tonnes of waste.

Those convicted of illegally exporting waste face an unlimited fine and a two-year jail sentence. But construction firms could also face enforcement action if contaminated construction and demolition waste plastic is illegally exported.

Malcolm Lythgo, Head of Waste Regulation at the Environment Agency, said it is seeing a marked increase in the number of highly contaminated plastic film and wrap shipments from the construction and demolition industry being stopped by officers.

“I would strongly urge businesses to observe their legal responsibility to ensure waste is processed appropriately, so we can protect human health and the environment now and for future generations. It’s not enough just to give your waste to someone else - even a registered carrier. You need to know where your waste will ultimately end up to know it’s been handled properly. We want to work constructively with those in the construction and waste sectors so they can operate compliantly, but we will not hesitate to clamp down on those who show disregard for the environment and the law.”

There are a number of simple, practical steps that businesses can take to ensure that C&D site waste is handled legally.

Construction businesses should check what’s in their waste

  • Different waste types need different treatments and so must be correctly categorised to ensure it goes to a site that is authorised to handle it safely. Businesses can also check if their waste is hazardous as different rules might apply.
  • If you are removing the waste yourself, you must be a registered waste carrier- registration can be carried out here. When a waste collector is transporting your site waste, you must check they have a waste carrier’s licence from the EA.
  • You must also check that the end destination site any waste is taken to is permitted to accept it and has the right authorisations in place. Keep a record of any waste that leaves your site by completing a waste transfer note or a consignment note for hazardous waste which record what and how much waste you have handed over and where it is going.

Waste management industry must adhere to export controls

  • Contaminated C&D waste plastic - including low-density polyethylene (LDPE) wrap and film - must be exported with prior consent from the EA as well as competent authorities in transit and destination countries.
  • Those involved in the export of such waste must ensure that it meets the requirements set under the relevant export controls, such as being almost free-from contamination; the destination sites are appropriately licensed to receive and treat the waste; and waste is correctly managed once received.

The EA will continue to actively target those who export contaminated C&D plastic waste illegally, including any accredited packaging exporters who issue Packaging Waste Export Recovery Notes (PERNs) against such material in breach of their Conditions of Accreditation.

Businesses involved in the shipment of waste are required to take all necessary steps to ensure the waste they ship is managed in an environmentally sound manner throughout its shipment and during its recycling.

Anyone with information regarding the illegal export of waste including C&D waste plastics can contact the EA’s Illegal Waste Exports team at: [email protected] or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via their website 

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