Feb 14, 2020

Admares Announces First North American Modular Construction

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BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Admares — world leader in alternative real estate with pioneering construction methods combining cutting-edge marine, offshore, land and modular construction techniques — is pleased to launch its first North American development in New York City in partnership with Porsche Consulting, a global authority in industrial processes and manufacturing. The construction project will be executed via the new modular construction technology developed by Admares, called Building 4.0.

The development located at 58 Grattan Street, in the heart of the Bohemian Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, will offer over 10,000 square feet of elevator serviced commercial space with a dramatic ground floor retail space featuring double height ceilings, a terrace and three floors of up to five commercial loft / studios perfect for artists, producers, start-ups and established small / medium sized firms. 

"This is an exciting and significant moment in history as we bring the modular construction of the future to New York City with our industry innovators, Porsche Consulting," said Mikael Hedberg, CEO of Admares, adding that this marks the company's first North American project. "Building 4.0 technology allows us to complete 100% modules in the assembly factory. The completed modules can then be installed quickly over two days, causing minimum disturbance to the surrounding neighborhood."

Building 4.0's development is being spearheaded by developers from The Skylight Development Group and Easy Street Properties, which has been involved in several New York City-based projects, including the Elsewhere Music Venue located at 599 Johnson Avenue and one of Brooklyn's most unique residences – The Townhomes of Marlborough Road at 56 Marlborough Road. The project is designed by Brooklyn-based architecture studio, PAUL.nyc.  

"Modular technology is the future of construction and manufacturing, and we're honored and excited to partner with Admares and Porsche Consulting. We are proud to be a part of a team bringing these forward-thinking building techniques to Brooklyn and New York City," said Andy Epstein, Managing Member of Bushwack 7, LLC – Ownership to 58 Grattan Street.

Using the technology developed by Admares, Building 4.0 allows for 95% of the construction to take place in a U.S.-based factory, with only 5% of the above grade building actually completed onsite.

The same technology has been the basis of Admares' new modular assembly factory, which was designed in cooperation with Porsche Consulting. The new smart factory is planned to break ground during 2020 and be completed two years later. Porsche Consulting is the exclusive manufacturing consultant for Admares. As such, it will work to improve the overall manufacturing efficiency of Building 4.0.

Enlighted, Inc., a Siemens Company and leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT)—will provide a platform that is integrated throughout 58 Grattan Street, creating a "sensory system" using smart sensors densely distributed through lighting fixtures.

"We've had the pleasure of aligning ourselves with some of the world's most recognizable partners over the years," said Hedberg. "Working with pioneers such as Enlighted and Porsche Consulting allows us to bring modular construction to the forefront and create the best possible facilities we can."

"Beyond that, these partnerships underscore Admares' mission to create an end-to-end solution for commercial construction. We are selling our clients products with guaranteed cost, time and consistent quality, which will be completed in a smart factory instead of projects with varying cost, time and quality which are completed outdoors in challenging conditions," Hedberg added.

The project is expected to break ground in March 2020.

For more information, please visit www.admares.com.

About Admares

Admares is a world leader in alternative real estate with pioneering construction methods that combine cutting-edge marine, offshore, land and modular construction techniques. Admares utilizes highly specialized proprietary modular technology to build custom-designed private villas, hotels, beach resorts, piers, islands or even complete cities, tailored in design to fit with local architecture and technical requirements.

Whether for new construction or property extensions, our turnkey modular construction and pre-assembly solutions allow the majority of the construction and outfitting to take place off-site. By minimizing disruption and greatly reducing on-site construction time frames, Admares provides powerful commercial advantages to our clients. The company is privately held, headquartered in Finland with offices around the world.

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