May 27, 2020

CrowdBlink announces new COVID-19 screening and compliance a

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Businesses are using Protect to ensure no one entering is displaying COVID-19 symptoms

TORONTO, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - CrowdBlink today announced Protect, a new screening and compliance application. Protect is a mobile and web-based application and offers a new way for construction, manufacturing, supply-chain, retirement or long term care facilities, events, and many other types of organizations to screen individuals for COVID-19 symptoms, fitness for work, and risk factors prior to allowing access to a workplace or location.

"The current situation has created a need for businesses to ensure that no one exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms is entering their location and to conduct ongoing assessments," says Jeff Jessamine, President at CrowdBlink. "What we've built here goes beyond simply COVID-19 assessments and offers businesses a way to replace and digitize a number of compliance measures. The immediate demand for Protect has, of course, been from essential businesses and organizations that needed a way to run a safe workplace, however, Protect will play a role in how non-essential businesses, events, and our broader economy, can begin to reopen safely."

Features and benefits of CrowdBlink Protect include:

  • Conducting assessment questionnaires (such as COVID-19 symptoms).
  • Recording readings (such as fever/temperature readings).
  • Is able to scan any barcode/QR code, or manual entry, to associate the assessment results with an individual (most commonly used to scan employee IDs).
  • Associating responses with an individual prior to either returning a PASS or FAIL result.
  • Allows organizations to do everything that can be reasonably expected of them to ensure a safe working environment while automatically maintaining secure, digital logs.
  • Minimal operational impact: the entire process of scanning, recording, and submitting each individual only takes an average of 10 seconds. This allows organizations to keep their workplace safe without sacrificing operational efficiency.
  • Support for either centralized assessments (with an individual conducting the assessment with many individuals) or self-assessments (where an individual submits their own responses in the mobile app).

CrowdBlink Protect is currently available, B2B pricing starts at only $199/month and includes an unlimited number of people scanned. Protect has already been deployed by a number of businesses, including at the multi-billion dollar LAX expansion construction project and a number of manufacturing, and long-term care facilities. For more information on CrowdBlink Protect, visit Or to read CEO Carlo Chiarello's thoughts:

About CrowdBlink: Recently acquired by event technology leader Intellitix, CrowdBlink's innovative event technology has powered some of the world's largest events with ticketing, access control, and cashless payments. As part of the COVID-19 pandemic response, CrowdBlink has used its technology and experience managing access control at high volume events and created a way for businesses to ensure that nobody who is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 is entering their location.

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