Dec 20, 2019

The Elevator Consultants Answers the Question: What does an

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CHICAGO, Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Building Owners, Pro...

CHICAGO, Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Building Owners, Property Managers and Tenants should know that elevator consultants and escalator consultants exist. You may think that elevators and escalators are like any other mechanical equipment and can be serviced by any technician, but vertical transportation equipment such as elevators, escalators, lifts and dumbwaiters are actually extremely specialized and effectively managing them requires expert knowledge of the equipment and the industry surrounding it. That's where elevator consultants come in to play.

An elevator consultant advocates for you and your building investment when it comes to ensuring the safety, operability and efficiency of your equipment. Often, the first time building owners, property managers or building maintenance team realize there is a problem with their elevators is when something goes wrong. Sometimes, it's minor like noises or buttons out; other times, it's more complex like entrapments or outages. But wouldn't you rather know what's going on with your equipment prior to these events and be able to prevent these issues before they occur?

Elevator and escalator consultants help buildings stay on top of regularly scheduled maintenance, which often means helping ensure the maintenance service is performed by qualified elevator companies. As infrastructure ages and the elevator industry changes, buildings are experiencing missed maintenance, costly repairs, downtime, premature modernizations, extensive deferred maintenance and even tenant or user complaints.

Using a combination of technology and years of industry expertise, elevator and escalator consultants can track the maintenance your equipment is (or is NOT) receiving, and provide insight to building equipment to stay in code compliance. With the help of an elevator consultant, a building can know the current and future state of their equipment with the proper service tasks needed.

The right elevator consultant or escalator consultant will work only for you, and won't compromise their objectivity. An elevator consultant represents the building owner and property managers to protect their elevators and escalators in the building. An elevator consultant will answer all the buildings questions and provide a strategy to meet the goals and needs of the building. The Elevator Consultants makes that promise to its customers, and promises to help you protect your investment.

For more information about how elevator and escalator consultants might be able to help you maximize your building investment, visit


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