May 21, 2020

Gorilla Post Solves Parking Enforcement, Traffic and Pedestr

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VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the conception and delivery of Pacific Cascade Corporation's Gorilla Post System, it has been a great solution for numerous situations. The exclusive Gorilla Post system has been a proven asset in major cities who employ the Multi-space Parking System for temporarily reserving parking spaces and parking lots. Gorilla Post Family of products includes Magnetic, Quick Release, and Fixed base options for Delineator Posts and Bollards. Each Gorilla Post delineator and post employs a reactive spring unit between the tube and the base which allows the sign to withstand bumper hits and return to its original position, without damaging the post or vehicle. The base also has a 360° swivel.

When a new product is introduced into the public market, people come up with creative solutions to fill their individual needs.

"Our clients are using the Gorilla Posts for applications we didn't think of," said Lyle Peters, Director of U.S. Sales for the Gorilla Post. "It's thinking 'outside-the-box' where companies are finding new, innovative applications for the Gorilla Post."

"We have a corporation in Utah who has a mining operation and places Gorilla Posts on the walls of their mine to warn large-material vehicle drivers when they are getting too close to the mine walls. They found the Gorilla Posts were instrumental in reducing their costs to replacing vehicle mirrors. In California, Malcolm Drilling is using Gorilla Posts to meet an OSHA regulation regarding Swing Radius Hazards," Peters added.

Available in seven post colors including the new royal blue, the royal tube is excellent for visual reinforcement for Handicapped Parking signage. "If parking facilities need to refresh their current damaged or discolored posts, they can order individual post tubes and do a quick switch out," stated Peters.

The Gorilla Post Team receives many questions, and one of the most frequently asked is what option there is to replace their standard damaged steel posts installed in concrete. Usually the post damage was caused by drivers backing into the stall and running against the sign post.

"You can try to bend the posts back in place, but they never ever really look right. You can saw off the bent post, drill new holes in the concrete and install a new post. Unfortunately, someone might run into the post again. The ideal option should be a post with a flexible base which allows the sign to withstand bumper hits and return to its original position, without permanently bending the post or damaging the vehicle," said Peters. The Gorilla Post 'Sta-Rite' sign posts are made with the same reactive spring unit which allows the sign to return to its upright position even after numerous vehicle impacts.

Pacific Cascade Corporation is the exclusive developer of the Gorilla Post system with numerous domestic and international patents on their magnetic mounting system. 

Lyle Peters
Director of U.S. Sales for the Gorilla Post System
Pacific Cascade Corporation
14208 N.W. 3rd Court • Suite 200
Vancouver, WA 98685
1-800-292-7275 ext. 211
[email protected]

Since 1987, Pacific Cascade Corporation has been providing the Parking, Hospitality, Traffic Enforcement, and Environmental Sustainability Industries with products to manage and support their effective operational needs.

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