Jul 8, 2020

How a Global Lockdown Inspired the KwikPro MotorPower System

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LONDON, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent global lockdown has inspired an entrepreneurial engineer to develop a new range of motor-powered products which could revolutionise the way consumer and professional items are used. The innovative KwikPro MotorPower system is to be launched by UK based engineer Robert Fowler on Kickstarter as part of a crowdfunding campaign targeting a global audience. www.KwikProTools.com

The patented KwikPro MotorPower system, with quick-fitting motor handles and adaptor kits, enables users to power and repower numerous tools, machines and other products.

Robert has worked on a variety of leading-edge technologies from Hovercraft to Electric Vehicles and KwikPro MotorPower is his latest brainchild.  Extensive experience of battery powered engineering has led him to develop this unique and versatile product and it was during lockdown that he realised its full potential: "Lockdown has seen a boom in DIY and I realised that there was a gap in the market for a new type of high-quality, effective motor-power system with greater capabilities than traditional power tools can offer. KwikPro MotorPower handles can power or repower a wide range of products from conventional construction and workshop power tools to garden implements, kitchen appliances, winches, even automotive jacks. The potential is huge and the possibilities endless."

Robert is using his expertise and vision to attract crowdfunding for his pioneering MotorPower system. KwikPro backers have the opportunity to be in at the start of this exciting innovation.

The KwikPro MotorPower system is easy to use and versatile and can also power hand operated tools, as Robert explains: "Many things can be converted to removable motor power with MotorPower handles and adaptors making them easier and faster to use. Manual kitchen and garden tools, for example, which are often operated by cranking, pulling or squeezing handles, can be adapted to KwikPro MotorPower." 

The MotorPower handles can easily swap between products and come equipped with long-lasting motors, removable lithium batteries, variable speed controls and unique quick-connect drive systems. They can also repower perfectly good older tools with worn out parts, reducing the plundering of resources and impact on the environment. Many corded products can be converted to operate with safe, cordless KwikPro handles eliminating power cable hazards and inconvenience.

KwikPro MotorPower plans to launch for pre-orders on Kickstarter.com August-September 2020.

More details: KwikProTools.com

Media Contact: Robert Fowler[email protected] - +44 (0)1823 480196


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