Jun 11, 2020

New Employee Action Framework Released by Ambica Steels Limi

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NEW DELHI, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Based out of Delhi, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Ambica Steels Limited has come a long way. The company is an Indian Stainless steel product manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. The company was established in the 1970s. From the time of its formation, the primary focus of the firm has revolved around stainless steel melting.

The company lays strong emphasis on actions that they are planning to take post lockdown.

New Guidelines for Post Lockdown Resumption of work

Ambica Steels Limited believes in change and is willing to adapt to newer norms and guidelines post lockdown. Here are these norms formulated with the sole objective of creating a safe environment for all, and they want their readership to be aware of the same.

Organizational Strategy

Ambica Steels Limited has formulated an entire organizational hierarchy comprising HR, Administrative Officers, and other team members.

These members will maintain and monitor the four significant aspects of strategy, that include social distancing amongst employees and workers, regular screening and monitoring, utilization of disinfectant in the campus, and maintaining proper sanitization. Also, prevention and awareness of the same will remain operational with full force.

The detailed measures taken in the 4-step strategy are discussed below.

  • Social Distancing: By adhering to social distancing rules, not more than 50% of the total employee strength will be present at a particular time. Employees will be working in shifts and will be alternated as required. There will be different lunch timings which have to be followed by the employees to maintain social distancing. There will be a disinfectant session between shifts, and no employees will be allowed to overlap their working hours. Employees from the production unit will have shorter shifts.
  • Screening & Monitoring: The company has made it mandatory for everyone entering and exiting its premises to go through a no-contact thermal screening without fail, failing which, the entry will not be permitted. For maintaining hygiene, the use of tobacco, gutka, and pan will be strictly prohibited Employees will be directed to use the Aarogya Setu App to maintain social distancing at all costs. CCTV Recordings and Entry and Exit Logs of employees will be maintained for each person who moves within the premises.
  • Disinfection & Sanitization: The entire premise will be disinfected regularly. The use of hand sanitizers at every point will be mandatory and will be provided to the employees at all the key locations and touchpoints. All vehicles and machinery that enter the premises will first have to be disinfected, post which entry will be allowed.
  • Prevention & Awareness: All employees will be asked to wear masks during working hours. All security guards, pantry and canteen staff, and housekeeping staff will be provided with masks and gloves. Regular awareness drives that focus on preventive measures will be organized by the members of our COVID-19 task force.

Here is Live Video Link For Standard Operating Procedures - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cywC7FNItzA

Employee Action Framework

Ambica Steels Limited takes the needs of its organization and its employees' safety very seriously. Hence the company has come up with the standard employee action framework to be followed by each employee. The framework has been divided into eight steps which have been mentioned, in detail, below:

  1. When at Home: Before leaving, employees are supposed to monitor their health by regular temperature checks and fill the health check sheet. The employees are supposed to fill the self-declaration form stating their health. Apart from this, employees are supposed to carry a spare mask while wearing a mask at all times. Carrying hand sanitizers is a must. On reaching home from work, employees are expected to sanitize themselves before entering, take a bath, and put their used clothes for laundry.
  2. Traveling: Employees who use company transport will maintain social distancing while boarding, de-boarding, and bus capacity will be reduced to 30-40% of the total capacity. Employees using personal transport are requested to avoid car-pooling and maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in their vehicles. The use of public transport is not suggested, but in unavoidable circumstances wearing masks and practicing social distancing is very important.
  3. Entry in the Campus: While entering the campus, employees will first be queuing up, maintaining the 2-meter distancing mark. After this, there will be a temperature check. Anyone running a temperature higher than 98.3 F will be moved to the isolation area, checked by the doctor, and will either be sent home or to the quarantine room. After entry into the campus, employees will have to use sanitizers before entering the gate. There will be a gate attendance punch using face biometrics, after which you will be good to go. The same steps will be reversed while exiting.
    1. Working at Shop Floor: Employees will be wearing caps, helmets, and masks at work. All tools and equipment will be sanitized before use. No worker would be allowed to enter the shop floor without a proper face mask.
    2. Guidelines for movement within the company: Employees have to follow strict social distancing at all-costs and maintain personal hygiene. Employees shall not stand in groups for work or otherwise, and tea and lunch breaks will also be taken individually.
    3. Utilization of Canteen Facilities: According to the new guidelines, there will be limited food options, staggered timing, and different entry and exit points to maintain social distancing.
    4. Things to keep in mind when in office: All employees are advised to avoid physical meetings and, if unavoidable, social distancing should be prioritized while conducting such meetings. Sharing of food and snacks is against the rules, and handshake shall be replaced by traditional Indian Namaste.
    5. Things to keep in mind while returning: Employees are advised to sanitize their vehicles and maintain proper social distancing. If at all, some stops need to be made to buy groceries or essentials, use shopping bags, and rely on digital payment methods.

In the case of suspects, proper measures and immediate actions will be taken. Ambica Steels Ltd. has taken detailed measures to battle COVID-19 and maintains transparency with its customers, employees, and other well-wishers by letting them know about the same.

Ambica Steels Ltd. encourages everyone to take such steps to ensure complete hygiene, security, and good health of its employees and everyone at large.

About Ambica Steels Limited

Ambica is a fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer headquartered in New Delhi, India and was established in the year 1970. Ambica produces some special grades in stainless steel industry.

Ambica's standard grades of production includes Austenitics (303, 304/L, 316/L, 321, 316Ti etc), Martensitics & Ferritics (410,416,420A/B/C,430/F,431 etc). Also, Ambica specializes in grades like Duplex steels (F51 /2205 / 1.4462) and Precipitation Hardened (17-4PH, 1.4542, 15/5PH also as per AMS specifications for the Aerospace Industry). Ambica is presently exporting these materials to around 56 countries worldwide.

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Ambica Steels Limited


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