Sep 1, 2020

Safer public toilets: A simple upgrade by Geberit makes all

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SINGAPORE, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Unsanitary public toilets pose a threat to public health, which is why Indonesian authorities are placing a stronger focus on quality public toilets. Better ventilation and frequent cleaning would be ideal, but Geberit has a better solution for public toilet operators.

The biggest culprit

Toilet seats and pans are not the dirtiest points because they're constantly cleaned with disinfectants. Unfortunately, flush buttons and handles don't receive the same treatment.

This is alarming because bacteria and viruses can linger on surfaces. Moreover, during flushing, the toilet sprays aerosols which can settle onto surfaces within 1.8 metres. Viruses and bacteria in the toilet can accumulate on the toilet flush.

A safer, contact-less experience

Upgrading to a touchless flush dramatically improves public health and safety.

Foot Flushes: Fuss-free renovation

Improve hygiene with hands-free flushing. Moreover, install the Geberit pneumatic foot actuator anywhere within 3 meters of the WC.

Besides hygiene, there're more reasons to choose the foot flush.

A faster solution

Foot flushes are suitable for solid and drywall construction for both existing or new toilets. The wall-mounted flush can be used with Geberit concealed cisterns coupled with either a wall-hung or back-to-wall floor-standing WC.

There's no need to worry about AC connections during installation with the pneumatic device (uses air pressure instead of electricity).

A lasting upgrade

Pneumatic flush actuation has few maintenance issues. Made of quality stainless steel, the foot flush is vandal-proof.

Furthermore, the common water hammering issue in flush valves is eliminated for the foot flush when coupled with concealed cisterns. Enjoy reduced noise and lowered maintenance costs.

For every situation

There is always a suitable installation with easy access for maintenance.

1. Half-Wall Installation
Create a vanity top behind the WC for additional storage space.

2. Back Duct Installation
Servicing can be done privately behind the wall without disturbing any toilet users.

Touchless Flush plates: Totally touch-free

Want to go the extra mile for hygiene and better aesthetics? Consider electronic sensor actuators.

Enhanced aesthetics

Multiple award-winning Sigma80 is a stylish embellishment with its classy LED lighting. The Sigma10 will also elevate bathroom design with its clean-cut look – it also comes with a mechanical option for a manual override.

Interested to know more?
No matter the requirements, there is a Geberit solution. Enquire about public toilet solutions today.

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