Jul 23, 2020

SCS Elevator Products, Inc. Announces Partnership with RailE

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RED WING, Minn., July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SCS Elevator Products Inc., the leader in elevator braille, buttons and signage, is partnering with RailEyes' TouchPoint™ product line to keep ridership safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus in elevators nationwide. 

80% of Americans say they do not leave their homes for nonessential activities during COVID-19. Moreover, 22% state that they will not return to public spaces unless businesses start taking additional safety measures on top of current efforts. For businesses to reopen and bring back their clientele, they must prove their commitment to public safety to customers. Thus, the SCS-RailEyes partnership unites SCS' nationwide reach with RailEyes' proprietary antimicrobial technology to make elevators safe for use in any venue. 

This empowering combination will reduce labor and cleaning costs, better protect against microbes like the Coronavirus, and help facilitate reopening efforts across the country. Atif Bhanjee, RailEyes' President, expressed excitement for this partnership, remarking that "as a company founded with a passion to serve escalator and elevator riders, RailEyes is proud to partner with an industry leader with a strong record of excellence. Our exclusive TouchPoint™ product is without peer in self-cleaning antimicrobial functionality, certifications, and 3M pedigree. This partnership will allow for the instant long-term disinfection of high-touch points in elevators and other surfaces."

The TouchPoint™ product line is a clear and thin, yet durable, antimicrobial urethane film of the highest quality that is integrated with silver ions. This internationally certified product works by denaturing bacteria and viruses upon contact, thus killing microorganisms and inhibiting their growth. Unlike toxic pesticides or spray-on antimicrobials, the integrated silver's oligodynamic effect instantly prevents the attachment and survival of microbes that land on the film's surface. TouchPoint™ is tear and scuff resistant, with antimicrobial quality lasting up to 2 years. When applied to SCS' industry-leading elevator systems, people can find comfort in receiving the highest quality services. Researchers at the University of Alabama found in 2018 that silver coatings reduced hospital-acquired infections by 36%. Silver has long proven its antimicrobial properties – it even combats drug-resistant pathogens, while posing no health risk to humans. 

TouchPoint effective material is easy to apply and leaves no residue. It does not interfere with the mechanical functions of high-touch surfaces, including touchscreens, under both wet and dry conditions. It can be applied to buttons, panels, handrails, and many other elevator and escalator surfaces, imparting hygiene without affecting ASME regulations. Moreover, social distancing messaging can be added to double down on safety at both the point of contact and the environment. 

Dave Muelken, the President of SCS Elevator Products, Inc conveys that, "for more than 40 years, SCS Elevator Products' focus has been on manufacturing products that aided the visually impaired with safe navigation in buildings and elevators.  Now, because of our partnership with RailEyes, we can go beyond that and offer solutions that will aid in the safe navigation of all elevator passengers with elevator buttons and other products coated with TouchPoint™. The number one daily goal for our employees at SCS Elevator Products is to go home safe; now we are also helping our clients, employees and customers do the same."

The new normal requires normalizing new solutions. SCS and RailEyes are committed to covering all the bases to keep your employees, your customers, and yourself healthy and safe. To learn more how TouchPoint™ fits into your elevators, homes, and businesses, reach out to: [email protected]cselevatorproducts.com or [email protected] 


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