Jun 25, 2020

Texwin Carports Reports Booming Sales for 2020 Despite COVID

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WILLS POINT, Texas, June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Texwin Carports (https://www.texwincarports.com/) recently announced an unexpected 60% boom in sales, amidst stay-at-home and lockdown orders, prompting the family-owned company's owners to increase their customer service outreach, assist their employees, and offer help to needy families. Texwin Carports is a well-known provider of customizable carports, garages, pole barns, and other useful metal building kits, with convenient financing options and unmatched customer service.

Of the sharp sales increase, Texwin Carports owner, Mike Winslow said: "We've been absolutely swamped with orders since the pandemic began. For some reason, the metal-building business is booming. In the last two months, we've seen a 60% increase. My best calculation suggests the cause of the boom in our sales is the extra unemployment insurance everyone has received - maybe people want extra storage for all that stockpiled toilet paper. But though we're happy to have the business, of course, the whole quarantine experience has been especially tough on our employees."

"We weren't sure if we were classified 'essential employees' at first, so many of my workers were scared to be driving to work. We gave them essential-service letters to display to anyone who might stop them, and we've also given out monthly bonuses to compensate them for their extra hard work. I hope in the future - if this pandemic continues - that authorities will be more proactive at easing people's fears, as well as offering a definitive list of which businesses are essential and which are not. People don't need to be scared needlessly."

Speaking of Texwin Carports' decision to give to needy families, Winslow explained: "The government gave money to a variety of businesses to help get them through the pandemic. We received a check, like many others - except, we didn't need the money. We were open and very busy. So instead, we interviewed some of the local clergy to help us find the poorest, hardest-struck families in town. We gave 200 of those families $500 prepaid credit cards to help them during this time.

"That was an absolutely amazing experience for us. So many of those families were in tears, asking 'why me?' and were very emotional about the gift. These gifts were just the right thing to do - so we did it. But I hope I never see such a collaboration between the state and media again. So many folks were scared, and so many businesses have suffered. We were lucky and grateful that we survived this 'year of the Corona.'"

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About Texwin Carports

Based in Texas, Texwin Carports is a family owned and operated business with locations in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Specializing in garages, carports, pole barns, shops and more, Texwin provides both customizable building kits and flexible financing options, allowing customers to create the exact building of their dreams. And no matter the situation, Texwin prides itself on putting its customers first - always. Learn more about Texwin customizable buildings at: www.TexwinCarports.com or www.winslowsinc.com.

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Mike Winslow, 903-560 8798
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