May 16, 2020

€9bn to be invested in Ireland’s data centre industry by 2021

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According to a report produced by Host in Ireland and Bitpower, Ireland’s data centre construction industry is set to see up to €9bn of investment c...

According to a report produced by Host in Ireland and Bitpower, Ireland’s data centre construction industry is set to see up to €9bn of investment come 2021.

“The first quarter of 2018 has seen the continued expansion of the Irish data hosting market, with new projects and expansions being announced in Dublin and Cork,” said Host In Ireland founder and president Garry Connolly.

“We continue to see strong growth with the granting of planning, and new planning applications for, in particular the metro Dublin area.”

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This year is forecast to see €1.1bn in data centre investment in Ireland, bringing the total cumulative investment to €5.7 billion, with over €1bn expected to come over each of the following years.

Currently, there are 46 successfully built and operational data centres across Ireland including facilities from Microsoft and Amazon, with these data centres combined having over 480MW of operational power.

Further, in Ireland there is currently 110MW under construction across a number of data centre projects, whilst a further 320MW having been given full planning permission, with the country’s total capacity set to nearly double once these projects are complete.

However, the report states that this future growth in the industry will largely depend on the development of energy infrastructure to support it, with the data centre industry accounting for as much as 5.5% of Ireland’s total 1.56TWH power requirements in 2017.

“While the start of the year has been very positive for the market with €1bn anticipated to be spent in 2018, the medium to longer-term sustained growth of the industry will depend on the availability of energy options in the Dublin metro [area],” Connolly continued.

For more information, see the full Data Centre Q1 2018 report.

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Jul 28, 2021

XCMG launches crane simulator for wind turbine training

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XCMG, a Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery, is launching a virtual crane simulator to train operatives working in wind turbine installation

Leading Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery, XCMG, has launched a virtual crane simulator to help train operatives in the installation of wind turbines. The new simulator, based on the company’s XC A1600 all-terrain crane, aims to help prepare 500 drivers for the role.

Wang Min, Chairman and CEO of XCMG, said: "In the actual scale 3D scene, the system enables operators to easily master essential skills, quickly and accurately through truly simulated visual, auditory and tactile senses. The fully immersive experience makes operator training more professional, precise, convenient, and efficient by integrating video presentations, VR helmets, digital gloves, and more.”

How does the simulator help train crane operators and what features enable it to achieve this?

As the first large crane simulator of its kind, XCMG’s XC A1600 trainer features realistic representations of the crane’s cabin, control unit, display, and control panel. The system also realises the virtual integration and operation of six major working conditions, breaking several technical barriers of super lift and luffing jib simulators. 


Image: XCMG


Updating the simulator for 2020, XCMG’s crane trainer now also features computer programs for the telescopic system, dual cylinder head display, and controls. The upgrade also includes switching off different products and programs to allow training on lifting weights between 800 and 1,600 tonnes. 

The construction of onshore and offshore wind turbines in China

According to national power industry statistics issued by China’s National Energy Administration last year, construction of both onshore and offshore wind power projects nearly tripped over the 12-month period.

Figures hit a new record of 71.67GW with China’s wind power expected to increase by a further 30-50mn kilowatts over the next three years., according to the China Energy Development report 2020 published by China Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute. The findings of the report highlighted the demand for labour in the installation of wind turbines. 

A total of 1,520 classes of large and super-tonnage crane operators have been trained by XCMG, as they look to take the lead in major construction projects across China. 


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