Jun 1, 2020

FieldChat: Better Jobsite communication

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Dan Weatherley
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FieldChat: Better Jobsite communication
We shine the spotlight on FieldChat, a messaging platform built for contractors and their subs.

Toronto-based FieldChat aims to turn texting chaos on c...

We shine the spotlight on FieldChat, a messaging platform built for contractors and their subs.

Toronto-based FieldChat aims to turn texting chaos on construction sites into organized, centralized and searchable conversations. This will enable projects to stay on track thanks to much-improved communication across construction sites. Below, we explore some of the platform’s best features.


There are many features built into the platform including channels. Channels enables companies to organise users into different channels whilst giving users access to the channels they need depending on their job role, level and assigned tasks. An example of this could be channels for each subcontractor or for your international project team, e.g. superintendents. Each trade has the ability to each have their own phone number on the platform which enables confusion-free communication across different teams.

Messages and data can also be downloaded at the end of a project and scheduling features are available if you need to send out a single message at a specific time or stagger multiple messages such as health and safety information or regular team reminders.

There are more features within the channels function including the ability to change notification styles depending on the type of messages received. For example, if you are @mentioned, a different sound and notification will be displayed in comparison to a broadcast or general group chat message. On the subject of notifications, the app can summarize unread message notifications by project and channel so you can focus on what's important



Integration into everyday workflows

FieldChat has the ability to integrate into any software or platforms that are currently being used. This further enables efficiency. Platforms such as Procure, PlanGrid and AutoDesk BIM360 are all supported by FieldChat through a single sign-on. This sign-on can give users access to project directories, in addition to giving users the ability to upload photos into your construction management software directly from FieldChat.



Other features

The instant messaging facilities within the software has an edge over standard everyday social media instant messaging services as FieldChat has been specially designed for those working in the construction sector. Messages, documents and images can be sent to anyone working on a project with ease, even to individuals that only use text messaging. Everyone can communicate together with FieldChat regardless of the type of apps they use or what phone they have.

An organised inbox is included within the app which provides an inbox for all instant messages which are helpfully organised by project and channel. It’s also possible to search conversation history, photos, and documents with ease so you don’t miss anything important.

On-site tracking

In addition to innovative messaging functionality, the app also offers features designed to help increase transparency whilst keeping teams aligned. Activity logs can be created to easily capture jobsite activity the moment it happens. Almost everything can be tracked: document progress, deliveries, subcontractor work, you name it! This is incredibly useful for dispute resolution and invoice reconciliation.

You can learn more about FieldChat on its official website here, where you can also get a free trial and book a demo to see if it works for you and your team.

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Jul 29, 2021

BT and Microsoft unveil strategic partnership

Dominic Ellis
3 min
BT and Microsoft launch strategic partnership to accelerate innovation across enterprise voice, cyber security and industry-focused services

BT and Microsoft have launched a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation across enterprise voice, cyber security and industry-focused services in sectors from digital manufacturing to health.

BT has already been named one of the first development partners for Microsoft Operator Connect and Operator Connect Conferencing. The renewed agreement will allow BT to build on this relationship and offer its own branded global managed voice services directly through Microsoft Teams, with an approach that further enhances customer experience and creates new opportunities for growth. 

The strategic partnership will build on BT’s existing portfolio of cyber security services built on Microsoft technology. It will see the companies push forward with the design and launch of a new generation of managed security services to enable and protect the modern collaborative workplace. BT will work closely with Microsoft to develop distinct security propositions to defend customers’ operations across the cloud as well as its own IT estate.

Sustainability and collaboration on digital skills are integral to the partnership. BT and Microsoft will work together on further enhancing sustainability credentials within their supply chains and join forces on promoting digital skills in the communities.

“BT and Microsoft are at the forefront of innovation in global digital platforms and connectivity that will take technology and communication beyond limits,” said Bas Burger, CEO of Global at BT and executive sponsor of BT’s partnership with Microsoft. “This partnership will ensure all of Microsoft’s solutions work ‘Best on BT’ and support both companies’ commitments to improving digital skills in the community.”

Omar Abbosh, corporate vice president of industry solutions at Microsoft, said: “BT can use Microsoft’s cutting-edge tools to develop new communications services that meet the needs and demands of today’s customers. By aligning our visions for communication, connectivity, security and digital technology, Microsoft and BT will support real growth for businesses across the world.”

Microsoft's vision is to transform construction and built environment businesses with design innovation, a supply chain you can control, and a connected, safer, more productive workforce.

Microsoft recently unveiled strong results for the quarter ending June 30:

  • Revenue totalled $46.2 billion, up 21%
  • Operating income was $19.1 billion, up 42%
  • Net income was $16.5 billion, up 47%
  • Diluted earnings per share was $2.17, up 49%

For the year, revenues totalled $168.1 billion (up 18%), operating income hit $69.9 billion (up 32%), net income was $61.3 billion GAAP and $60.7 billion non-GAAP, and increased 38% and 37%, respectively.

“We are innovating across the technology stack to help organizations drive new levels of tech intensity across their business,” said Satya Nadella, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft. “Our results show that when we execute well and meet customers’ needs in differentiated ways in large and growing markets, we generate growth, as we’ve seen in our commercial cloud – and in new franchises we’ve built, including gaming, security, and LinkedIn, all of which surpassed $10 billion in annual revenue over the past three years.”

In a trading update last month, BT reported profit after tax £2m, down £446m, due to a "one-off tax charge in the quarter to reflect the remeasurement of deferred tax balances following the enactment of the new UK corporation tax rate of 25% from April 2023".

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