May 16, 2020

Street Crane supports manufacturer Centrum with girder cranes

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Centrum Pile
Chris Lindley-Smith
Street Crane’s Sales Director
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Street Crane supports manufacturer Centrum
Street Crane is giving another leading manufacturer a lift with the supply of a goliath double girder crane.

Capable of lifting 20 tonnes and spanning...

<p><a href="//">Street Crane</a> is giving another leading manufacturer a lift with the supply of a goliath double girder crane.</p>

<p>Capable of lifting 20 tonnes and spanning 30 metres, the crane is being used by <a href="">Centrum Pile</a>, an advanced manufacturer of precast concrete piles. The goliath crane is in continuous use six days a week, forming a key part of the production process.</p>

<p>Eamonn Walsh, Centrum&rsquo;s factory manager said: &ldquo;We&rsquo;ve worked with Street Crane for around 15 years, relying on its products to help us lift and move reinforced precast concrete piles.</p>

<p>&ldquo;The new goliath crane is used to lift precast sections that vary in length from 4 to 18 metres and may be stacked up to 15 metres high. The products are lifted off the stacks by the crane and loaded onto vehicles for onward distribution to our customers. It&rsquo;s responsible for handling 34,000 metres of product every week, so durability, reliability and safety is essential.&rdquo;</p>

<p>Featuring twin heavy duty Street ZX wire rope hoists and controlled by remote radio joystick handset, the crane has been installed with a number of additional features, including audible and visual alarms, which operate continuously during travel operation.</p>

<p>Weather covers, additional travel and braking capacity plus a special structural paint system ensure that the crane can be used outdoors safely with minimal maintenance and long life expectancy.</p>

<p>Chris Lindley-Smith, Street Crane&rsquo;s Sales Director commented: &ldquo;Our goliath cranes &ndash; also known as portal cranes - have been developed by our in-house design team to offer maximum stability and strength.</p>

<p>&ldquo;With no need for a supporting structure they are ideal for outdoor use or in existing buildings that have not been designed for crane use.</p>

<p>Centrum will also benefit from the twin hoists, which give maximum flexibility and load stability as they may be used independently or in tandem according to the weight and shape of the load to be moved.&rdquo;</p>

<p>Part of the Aarsleff Group, Centrum Pile&rsquo;s UK production facility has been continually developed to manufacture its high quality, reinforced concrete pile system. With a further three European plants, the company produces around 3.2 million metres of reinforced precast concrete piles a year.</p>

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