Aug 7, 2014

Top 15 Shipping Container Homes

TFM Removals
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San Antonia Guest House
TFM Removals has put together a post of 15 epic shipping container homes. In world where the need to repurpose things is becoming increasingly more i...

TFM Removals has put together a post of 15 epic shipping container homes. In world where the need to repurpose things is becoming increasingly more important, shipping container architecture is paving the way for a more environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to home building. There are some great projects going on throughout the world and we have picked 15 of our favourites.

In no particular order:

San Antonio Guest House by Poteet Architects

If we owned this beautiful guest house we'd never live in our main building. With extra windows to make the most of the light and a decking area to make the most of the space, this shipping container is the perfect retreat.

Although it has a luxurious feel, it doesn't shy away from its industrial roots, with the original shipping codes still visible on the outside contrasting with the container's roof garden and pretty, homely touches. (image source)

Insta House by Maziar Behrooz Architecture

Minimalist woodland living which welcomes the forest in and makes the most of an upcycled space. This studio uses light to its advantage and does a spectacular job of including all of life's necessities in a small space – with no clutter whatsoever. Gorgeous. (image source)

Beach House by CCCA

Stunning beach living in this New Zealand based set of shipping containers. The real art of this building lies in its simple palette of a few, carefully chosen colours and textures; concrete, timber and weathered zinc surround the containers which have been clad and furnished to work seamlessly with the natural world around them. (image source)

Port-a-Bach by Atalier Workshop

These clever little spaces were developed as portable holiday homes. Forget camping and caravanning, the Port-a-Bach allows you to set up home in the heart of nature (as long as you have a truck to hand). We absolutely love this light, airy space.

Four corrugated metal walls could feel restrictive but, painted and furnished in light colours, with bright natural wood, this small space feels roomy and beautifully breezy – a great demonstration of the effect material choices can have on your home. (image source)

Container City II by Urban Space Management

After the success of Container City I, Urban Space Management wasted little time getting stuck into Container City II's colourful, ziggurat-shaped design. These stacked containers were built to provide workshops and studios for artists, designers and creators.

Inside the containers are roomy and, although they have not been modified to the same extent as our other favourites, the porthole windows let in plenty of natural light. Best of all, the extended balcony areas show that man-made, functional materials look gorgeous with a little extra natural greenery.

MDU (Mobile Dwelling Unit) by LOT-EK

Designed for mobile, globe-trotting living, these stark MDU's by LOT-EK have ‘push out’ storage and living areas which can be retracted to make these minimalist red boxes more compact and transportable when it's time to hit the road. (image source)

The Beach House by De Maria Design

This luxurious beach pad in Redondo may look glamorous but the entire house is based around stacked shipping containers and simple, pre-fabricated stick frame structures. Surprisingly light, airy and elegant, this beautiful building has been intelligently engineered to create an affordable space which is virtually indestructible. (image source)

Venice Beach Residences by De Maria Design

Still under construction, this is another shipping container design from De Maria Design. Again, this space has been developed as studio space for the artists of Venice Beach LA, and to provide attractive, low impact residences. With plenty of inserted windows and bright glass to reflect the California light, these containers will make airy, affordable artistic spaces. (image source)

EcoPod by EcoPod

Welcome to the EcoPod, a shipping container recreational space developed for the environmentally minded, eager to live "off the grid" from time to time. Perfect for getting away from it all at the bottom of your garden or on a patch of land out in the middle of nowhere. (image source)

Loft 30 Surf by Infiniski

This atmospheric shipping container home is the work of Spanish firm Infiniski, who are responsible for dozens of incredible shipping container spaces across Spain, Chile and the world. (image source)

Edifico Viviendas Chile by Infiniski

Another amazing space from Infiniski, this time designed around regularly placed containers and forming a large, light and colourful complex in Chile's Vina del Mar. Perfect for chilled out, communal living. (image source)

Cordell House by Numen Development

Made from three shipping containers, the Cordell House was designed to provide modern, child-friendly living that suited family life with a young child. Light and surprisingly spacious, the beauty of the shipping container home is that more containers can be added to accommodate a growing family. (image source)

House in a House by Adam Kalkin

This incredible structure designed by Adam Kalkin uses many stacked shipping containers to create a house inside a house. It's beautiful, liveable, creative and completely bonkers – but we love it! (image source)

Sri Lankan Lakeside Retreat

This lakeside retreat wasn't built by a creative architect, instead it was assembled by soldiers and, we have to say, they've done a beautiful job. We especially love the huge timber rooftop deck, a wonderful spot to watch the sun go down. (image source)

eCORRE complex by APHIdoIDEA

Although not technically a home, we had to show you these architectural 3D images of the proposed eCORRE complex in downtown LA. This incredible structure is made almost entirely of 65 shipping containers, staggered to look like a crazy, beautiful beehive, ideal for the Environmental Center of Regenerative Research & Education. (image source)

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Oct 10, 2019

UK Construction Week: winners revealed

Daniel Brightmore
2 min
UK Construction Week winners announced
The inaugural UKCW Construction Awards took place on the UKCW main stage this week at the NEC in Birmingham. The awards celebrate innovatio...

The inaugural UKCW Construction Awards took place on the UKCW main stage this week at the NEC in Birmingham. The awards celebrate innovation and excellence for a range of large and small contractors architects, clients and suppliers. The winners were announced by architect George Clarke and main media partner Construction Buzz.

The Winners

Contractor of 2019 - Sir Robert McAlpine

Construction Client of 2019 - Scape Group

Architectural Practice of 2019 - Grimshaw Architects

House Builder of 2019 - Swan Housing

Construction Supplier of 2019 - Ward

Construction Project of 2019 - Royal Opera House

Construction Employer of 2019 - Aylaa Exclusive

Digital Pioneer 2019 - Atkins

Modern Methods of Construction Pioneer 2019 - Mace

Production Innovation Award 2019 - Laing O'Rourke

Sir Robert McAlpine is celebrating its 150th anniversary and has stated: "Our 150th anniversary celebrations have been hard to miss on a number of sites across the country thanks to the presence of specially produced panels incorporated within our hoardings. This milestone year provided the opportunity to honour the vision and hard work of all those who have played their part in our long and successful history.


Mace surpasses record revenue of £2bn

Bouygues UK installing UK’s first Oculus staircase at Cardiff’s Innovation Campus

Grimshaw Architects release design plans for $1.4bn Newark airport expansion

Read the latest issue of Construction Global here

Nathan Garnett, event director at UK Construction Week, commented:

“We have wanted to host these awards for some time, but this year it was made possible by our industry Role Models who gave us their very honest and forthright views on who should receive these accolades. 

“The businesses chosen as winners from a shortlist of more than 60 companies have convinced the toughest of judges – the people who are part of their delivery partners or supply chains, and the people who are inspiring others to join the construction industry.

“So it is great to be able to recognise the excellence we see all around us in this sector, and the businesses who are forging ahead on innovation despite the climate of uncertainty that is affecting construction so badly. They are beacons of light for the whole sector.”

UK Construction Week (UKCW) consists of multiple sections: Build, Building Tech, Civils, Energy & HVAC, Surface & Materials and Timber along with the newly launched Concrete Expo and Grand Designs Live. Next year's event takes place at Birmingham's NEC October 6-8.

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