Oct 30, 2020

10 ways to make construction more sustainable

Dominic Ellis
7 min
10 ways to make construction more sustainable
Construction Global looks at ten ways companies can embrace sustainability for a better future...

By its very nature, the construction industry is a huge consumer of natural resources, while it is also a major emitter and energy user. 

Aside from the potential damage caused by destroying vital habitats and landscapes by building over them, construction’s energy usage is also heavily dependent of fossil fuel usage, ranging from machinery on site, through to production and manufacturing further down the supply chain.

In fact, according to the International Energy Agency, the construction industry accounts for 36 percent of worldwide energy usage, and 40 percent of all CO2 emissions. The fabrication and transport of materials have a major impact on carbon emissions, while mining for raw materials can pollute surrounding environments. 

The manufacturing of concrete has resulted in more than 2.8 billion tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere – a figure that will only go up with 4 billion tonnes of concrete being poured every year.

Moreover, construction is a massive contributor to waste – approximately 32 percent of all landfill waste in the UK comes from the construction and demolition of buildings.

Clearly then, construction has a problem with sustainability. But while the industry is ready to embrace sustainability, there are still major barriers to entry when it comes to going green – affordability chief amongst them.

However, there are several benefits that come with going green, especially as a construction firm, even with the increased initial costs that come with the transition.

Here are 10 ways you can make your construction company more sustainable: 

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