Nov 26, 2020

Top 10 UK construction companies by profit

Dominic Ellis
6 min
Top 10 UK Construction Companies By Profit
Construction Index rankings highlight companies managing to flourish amid challenging trading conditions...

It's fair to say the construction industry, like most sectors, will be glad to see the back of 2020. For many, the spectre of falling profits and weak revenues has been universally challenging - and the threat of insolvency persists.

Against such poor trading conditions, it is understandable why UK construction output forecasts indicate a rebound in 2021; output may rise as high as 18 percent according to the Construction Products Association, buoyed by economic recovery and major infrastructure projects such as HS2; and judging by the housing boom in the second half of the year, prompted by the stamp duty holiday until March, the construction industry may ring in 2021 in better shape than many sectors.

Continuing the theme of positivity, Construction Index has listed the Top 100 construction companies - and here are the top 10 ranked by profit. 

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