Dec 7, 2020

Top 10 ways 3D Printing will change construction

Dominic Ellis
7 min
Top 10 ways 3D printing will change construction
Increased speed...

A number of 3D printing projects have already shown that homes, buildings and structures can be built from the ground up in much shorter timeframes than previously achievable. Large-scale, complex projects built with conventional construction techniques can take several months to years to be built. 

Using 3D printing on construction sites can save as much as 60 percent of the time spent on the jobsite, and 80 percent in labour, experts say. 

Apis Cor managed to build a house in Russia within 24 hours using 3D printing technology, while Peri says that its three-storey residential apartment building containing five apartments, each with 380sqm of living space, will be built in six weeks.

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