May 19, 2020

CEMEX Building Better Into Everything We Do

Bizclik Editor
To build is a human instinct To create shelter from the elements And protect what is precious to us Now, and in the future At CEMEX we believe in building And building a better future for everyone A future we can be proud to leave our children, and our grand children That's why our company vision is to be the best... for all our stakeholders So we embrace a spirit of being better in everything we do Better thinking, better solutions, better service and a better future for everyone But what does that mean in practice? Better thinking We all agree we've got to build... but as an industry we must do it more efficiently, and more responsibly At CEMEX we believe this means challenging the accepted way of doing things And asking not why... but why not? Better solutions Because better thinking leads to better products and ultimately, better solutions Through building partnerships and investing in innovation we can ensure that our solutions are both compelling and relevant More efficient, more sustainable and more socially responsible Better service We're acutely aware that in a time critical industry exceptional service is not just desirable It's essential That's why we've set ourselves industry-leading targets And turned them into a set of commitments that underpin our CEMEX Customer Service Promise Better future CEMEX helps to provide this country's essential housing and infrastructure needs But our activity has an impact, on people and the environment we operate in That's why building a better future is ingrained into every aspect of our business CEMEX will continue to build better into everything we do Continue to challenge inertia and conventional thinking To balance the needs of the built environment with our commitment to the natural environment To be the best To help to build a Greater Britain

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